Did Adam Schefter Confirm The Houston Texans Pick At Number Two?

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Several theories arise on what the Houston Texans should do with the second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Conventional wisdom has it that they draft a quarterback at number two. If they follow this path, their work will be cut out because the Texans will likely select whom the Carolina Panthers did not take as number one.

Therefore, they will narrow their selection to Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud. Young reportedly canceled all future pre-draft visits, limiting his trips to just Carolina and Texas.

However, there’s also a theory that the Texans might not select a quarterback at number two. There’s a possibility they might draft defensive end Will Anderson Jr. There’s nothing wrong with going this route because rushing the quarterback is essential, and the Texans lagged in that department last season.

Even oddsmakers are not sure of what the Texans will do at number two. However, ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter might have hinted at Houston’s approach at number two. He said during a recent episode of NFL Live:

"“Let me ask everybody this: what if the run on quarterbacks gets a little bit delayed? What if it’s a little bit later to start than people thought?”"

Adam Schefter

Based on his statement, will the Texans avoid drafting a quarterback when they go on the clock for the first time this year? Schefter added:

"“We’ve been hearing about quarterbacks going 1, 2, 3, 4! That’s not gonna happen, I don’t believe, in this draft. And what would happen if and when, we’ve seen Carolina move up to number one right away for a quarterback at one.”"

Adam Schefter

"“But we haven’t seen anybody trade up to two when Houston’s open to listening. We haven’t seen anybody trading up to three because, you know what, I think Indianapolis, there’s a real chance right now that they could sit right where they are at four and get potentially the second quarterback in this draft.”"

Adam Schefter

Schefter closed after a counter-argument by Dan Orlovsky:

"“These teams right now seem willing to wait. They seem willing to wait. And I don’t think we’re gonna see a quarterback go at two. And I think all the teams willing to trade up to number three know that. So, they can sit back and wait. And so this great quarterback rush everybody is expecting might start a little bit later than we all thought.”"

Adam Schefter

Schefter’s premise hinges on the fact that the Texans stay at two. However, general manager Nick Caserio said during his pre-draft press conference that he received calls from teams looking to trade up. He also mentioned that they are open to listening, especially if the right offer comes.

Teams looking to trade up would love to have any of the two best quarterback prospects. But Schefter's hunch can come true if the first-round draft order stays the same.

The Arizona Cardinals will not draft a quarterback after giving Kyler Murray a five-year, $230 million contract. Therefore, that scenario leaves the Texans as the only obstacle for Indianapolis to have a shot at either Young or Stroud.

While no one can confirm or deny it, the Texans might be seriously entertaining the possibility of taking Anderson Jr. at two. Anybody else outside of Stroud, Anderson, and Young might be deemed early for picks one and two. However, nothing is certain until the draft happens, making Schefter’s prediction plausible.