5 Houston Texans on offense who are destined for the practice squad

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Roster cut-down day around the league is Tuesday, August 29th. As always, there will be big names that are simply cap-saving cuts, that will undoubtedly get signed elsewhere. This won't be the case for the Houston Texans though. This team has some talented players; however, depth is not a luxury the Texans have. Players will have one more shot to prove themselves in the Texans' final preseason game too.

In fact, the Texans will be in the market of signing some surprise cuts, rather than having any of their own signed away. There will be some cuts though, that will make the Texans practice squad, which will consist largely of rookies but some vets as well.

I've listed five such players here and there will be more and maybe some will be a surprise to fans, but I think most won't shock anyone. The Texans are hurting at several positions, as far as depth, so look for some players to make the initial 53-man roster, only to be cut later to make room for some new signings.

The Texans could be in the market for more trades too. General manager Nick Caserio understands they need upgrades at certain positions, so he could very likely make more moves via trade. The bottom line is this, don't expect the initial 53 and practice squad to be the same come the Texans season opener against the Baltimore Ravens. So, with that, here are my five players that are destined to be added to the practice squad.