4 players who won't be on Houston Texans 53-man roster come Week 1

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Every year about this time, teams cut players that most of us don't know. Unless you follow the team exceptionally closely, you probably don't know who the ninth receiver is currently on the depth chart or which players are vying to be the backup to the backup.

On the flip side, there are almost always a few surprise names on the cut list. And that is why we are here. The Houston Texans are looking to get young and build a nucleus of talent for the future. While they want a fair amount of veteran leadership, rebuilding a roster around your youthful talent is paramount.

Who are your favorites this year, who has stood out to you so far? Are there any names that you hope make the team and if they don't, what will the team do with them? A handful will make it onto the practice squad, while others will become free agents and possibly sign elsewhere.

Those on this list will likely find a new home and help provide some solid depth for another team. Maybe a team with a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl run this season is looking to bolster depth at certain positions. This group can provide that, but not with the Houston Texans in 2023.