5 dream scenarios we're hoping the Houston Texans can manifest into reality

The Houston Texans should try and pull off these five massive moves to enrich the team this season.

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4. Trade for Chris Godwin

Everyone is on the Mike Evans hype train and rightfully so, the man is a true blue Hall of Famer. Easily the best receiver in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history, but he's over 30, and he really wasn't the same player this season as he was in years past. Still, he's a very good player but the price he'd cost is too high with what we're doing here.

Signing Evans is going to be costly, and if the team is about to lose him and Pro Bowl quarterback Baker Mayfield, then it'd make sense for them to go head-on into a rebuild, and that means trading guys like Chris Godwin, who is still young enough to be in his prime but maybe not for so long that you'd want to build around him over the next few seasons.

He's currently 27, is as fast as ever, and could be the perfect compliment next to Tank Dell and Nico Collins, and with him on an expiring contract, could probably be had on a bargain.