5 bold predictions for Houston Texans final preseason game

Houston Texans
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I love writing these bold prediction articles because most of the time I'm wrong, but it's still fun to try to predict what might happen in a game. Sometimes those predictions can be pretty outlandish too but that's why they are called bold.

This week, the Houston Texans are taking on the New Orleans Saints, and not that it matters but the Saints haven't lost yet. It Would be nice to see the Texans come away with another preseason win too, as that will only help to build this team's confidence and the winning culture that coach DeMeco Ryans is trying to instill within this organization.

Last week left a lot to be desired, as the Miami Dolphins had their way with the Texans for the most part. Some players will be looking to rebound from that performance but also as a unit, the defense will be looking to correct some mistakes, particularly in run defense.

The Texans' offensive line will be on the hot seat too. Their performance this preseason has been up and down. They need to come out ready to roll this Sunday and show they can be better as a unit. The offensive line will be the key to this season for the Houston offense. If they play well, I think the offense as a whole will be fine. But let's get into my five bold predictions for this weekend's matchup.