5 Blessings the Houston Texans will celebrate this Thanksgiving

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans
Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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Success heading into Week 12 has Houston Texans fans feeling good around during this time of year. It's the first time in years since supporters could discuss accolades at the Thanksgiving table. A win against the Jacksonville Jaguars will help DeMeco Ryans' unit rise in divisional standings. They are a few games away from a post-season berth, but first, they will celebrate the holidays.

Here are a few blessings the Houston Texans can celebrate this Thanksgiving.

Houston Texans Thanksgiving Blessing #5: Head Coach DeMeco Ryans

A new culture was birthed inside of the Texans organization this off-season. It began with the hiring of DeMeco Ryans. His winning philosophies and positive attitude removed the heavy shadow hovering over NRG stadium. The first-year Head Coach is fresh air for a franchise without a playoff berth in five years (2019). His leadership has taken the Texans to the next tier. They are ranked sixth in conference standings with a chance to clinch a playoff berth.

Success during his first year at the helm is noteworthy for Houston's Head Coach. He should be recognized for his hard work and achievements thus far. The season is far from over but it's clear, the Texans have surpassed expectations. If Houston plays their cards right, they could compete for better accolades than a positive record.