4 Houston Texans we hope the team cuts or trades this offseason

Some guys just need to go and we think these four Houston Texans are those types of guys.

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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QB Case Keenum

Everyone keeps saying the Houston Texans should cut David Mills, and we're left wondering why. Why would you cut Mills? Mills is younger, has a stronger arm, and makes for a good backup. He can play, not at the same level as C.J. Stroud, but if Stroud goes down for two or three games, I have faith that Mills can win two of those three potential games. As for Keenum, not only do I know, in my bones that Keenum can't win two out of three anymore, I'm pretty sure Keenum can't win a Case Keenum lookalike contest at this point

Cutting Mills saves you about $3 million while cutting Keenum saves you two. If you trade Keenum, you can save $3 million. So if you're that hard up for an extra million, sure, get rid of Mills. Here's the thing though, you need a good backup quarterback and Mills is a good backup quarterback. The Browns nearly fell out of the playoff race this year because they didn't have a good backup.

Now, if you want to cut both Mills and Keenum because you think there is a better option? Ok, we're on board with that, but he better be a better option. Otherwise, you just threw a good quarterback out for no reason. Mills may not be better than a backup at this point, but he's better than Keenum and that's all that matters.