Case Keenum and the Houston Texans apparently got Mike Vrabel fired.

The Tennessee Titans loss to the Houston Texans and Case Keenum was a big reason Mike Vrabel got fired.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Houston Texans season is one to be impressed by. The team had a rookie quarterback, a rookie head coach, and a team of young players with potential, but little proven production to their names. They somehow did the impossible, though, they won the AFC South, achieved 10 wins, and are now hosting a game in the playoffs. The list of things they pulled off is even longer than that, though not all of them are known at the moment (like C.J. Stroud winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award).

One thing we do know the Texans did however is get Mike Vrabel fired. You didn't read that wrong, despite Vrabel not having played for, or coached for the Houston Texans this season (though he was the linebacker's coach for Houston from 2014-2016), the Texans were apparently the reason Vrabel got the axe.

Well, the Texans' and Case Keenum's fault, apparently.

According to Joe Rexrode of the Athletic, the decesion to fire the in-division rival's famed head coach, Vrabel, came after the Tennessee Titans, Vrabel's old team, lost to the Texans and Keenum nearly a month ago.

Amy Adams Strunk, the owner of the Titans, was apparently very upset with Vrabel's team losing to the Keenum-led Texans, so much so that she decided on the spot she was going to fire him. After looking into it, and talking with some of her advisors, she resolved her and well, fired Vrabel.

The move was panned online, as Vrabel has had to coach his team through catastraphoic injuries and declining play from veterans who were overpaid when they got their contracts; let alone now. He's seen as a very in-demand coach to fill a vacant position and he'll likely land back in the NFL in time for next season.

And while it's not funny that someone lost their job, it is funny that Keenum of all men is essentially responsible for it. Who would've thought?

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