3 things that will likely change with Stefon Digg's becoming a Houston Texans player

Stefon Digg's arrival may affect a few thins.
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The Houston Texans landed Stefon Diggs, one of the prized players on the trade market. In landing him, the team got themselves arguably a number-one wide receiver who may still be in the prime of his career. He's been an elite weapon in the past for former Pro Bowl quarterbacks Kirk Cousin and Josh Allen, and will hopefully be able to maintain that level of output for C.J. Stroud.

Stroud had a monster year as a rookie, and the hope is that Diggs' involvement from here on will be a positive one. A positive impact that helps Stroud take the next step in his development as a franchise quarterback. If Diggs helps Stroud take that next step, then the skies are the limit for what the duo can accomplish.

That is a huge if, however, as Diggs' involvement with the Texans may not be a great one. After all, he burnt bridges with the Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills, arguing with coaches and players alike whom he disagreed with. Offenses would force the ball to him to hopefully keep him happy, an idea that hindered the Bills when Diggs and Allen were teammates. Allen would force too many balls Diggs' way, allowing for a lot of missed opportunities and turnovers.

So while Diggs does improve the receiver room, he may not be the great hope that so many talking heads hope he'll be. That's why today we're looking at three things he'll likely affect based on his history, the expectations of him and the team and just general possibilities that can arise from his debut with the Houston Texans