3 players we hope get cut come June 1st so the Texans can sign them

Who might become available that the Texans feel completes their roster? 
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Marshon Latimore, cornerback, New Orleans Saints

While Lattimore is only 28 years old, he’s restructured his deal several different times to remain on the Saints. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll stay there forever either. Lattimore has had a good career ever since being drafted in 2017, however, has dealt with an injury over the past two seasons. He would miss four games in 2023 with an ankle sprain, and 10 games in 2022 due to an abdomen strain. Neither injury will nag him as we go forward, but it may be enough for the Saints to wipe their hands clean and begin their rebuild.

The Texans did a lot of work to their secondary this off-season between finding depth players and impact starters right away. Lattimore doesn’t change their plans for Kamari Lassiter and Derek Stingley Jr, however, he provides that veteran presence and offers an experienced voice that they are still looking for. 

The Saints cap space still isn’t pretty, and they can get a jumpstart on their rebuild right now by moving off of Lattimore. He is also at the point in his career where he may feel like he needs to go to a contender before he retires, and the Texans offer him that option. It would be a win-win for both sides.