The Houston Texas select Kamari Lassiter, CB, Georgia

He didn't have very many takeaway's in Georgia, but he was definitely a lockdown corner.
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
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The Houston Texans made their first selection of the night! With the 42nd overall pick, they selected cornerback Kamari Lassiter out of Georgia. We wrote about Lassiter in our "players the Texans should avoid" article, but that's not to say it's a bad pick. My only knock with Lassiter was his jump-ball ability. He didn't have very many takeaways in Georgia, but he was definitely a lockdown corner.

Lassiter posted a 4.50 on his Pro Day. A 4.5 is very good compared to his combined time, which may have helped his draft stock. One thing he'll need to work on is keeping up with the speedy receivers that the AFC South offers. One thing the Texans really like at corner is height, and Lassiter measured in at 5'11.

After months of speculation, dating back to before Free Agency began, the Texans finally solidified the position, and they did it with a very talented player. Lassiter met with the Texans pre-draft, and the Texans fell in love with him early on. CB2 behind Derek Stingley was always a big need for the Texans front office, with many thinking they'd add more stars to it. Now, they have added another young talented cornerback for the foreseeable future.

Houston's presumed starters are now Lassiter and Stingley, with newly signed veterans CJ Henderson and Jeff Okudah taking the backup outside cornerback job. Now, Texans fans can sleep easy tonight knowing that their secondary is set for a long time, and now just defensive tackle is a need.

After a run on corners before their draft pick, the Texans went with their favorite corner available, and most likely the best one left on the board. They didn't trade up to get "their guy" as rumors may have suggested they would. Instead, they stay put and let Lassiter fall in their laps.