3 Key Players to Watch on the Houston Texans Defense

Houston Texans
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The defense is where the Houston Texans will win this game. I think the offense will have a tough time sustaining drives and the defense will need to force a couple of turnovers and help give Houston some short fields to work with. However, I had my doubts about the Texans getting the ball moving last week and they put up 37 points and currently sitting in second place in the AFC South.

My worry is that the Texans' offensive line is going to have a very difficult time slowing down T.J. Watt and the Steelers' pass rush. I do think Houston will make a couple of big plays through their passing game, but it will be up to the defense to put their offense in a better position, and I think they will.

Let's talk about three players in the Texans' defense that I think need to have a big impact in this game. It's going to take some game-changing plays from this defense and here are the three guys I think need to deliver to give the Texans a win this weekend.