3 Houston Texans players we hope get cut on June 1st regardless of contract status

After the draft concluded, the team and the fans got a clearer picture of who will make the team and who won’t.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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Andrew Beck, fullback 

We touched on this a little bit when Ben Skowronek was acquired earlier in May, but the need for a fullback on this Texans roster isn’t as pressing as it once was. Ben Skowronek is a very capable blocking wide receiver, along with Cade Stover who was known for his pass-blocking in college. After adding those two, Andrew Beck’s job is in serious jeopardy and he could be playing elsewhere in 2024. 

The fullback position isn’t what it once was 10+ years ago, and finding a team that consistently uses one is rare. In today’s game, teams will use wide receivers, tight ends, and even an extra offensive lineman rather than keeping a fullback on the roster, and the Texans may be going that way this season. Freeing up an extra roster spot by releasing Andrew Beck allows them to go heavy at another position, like at wide receiver. That way, they can keep a player like Skowronek for his blocking and pass-catching versatility. 

If you’re going to be a fullback in today’s day and age, you need to offer the team something extra. Play special teams or go the Kyle Juszczyk route and become a versatile pass catcher. Unfortunately for Beck, there are too many dominant players on this offense that are demanding the ball and CJ Stroud has to make them happy.