The Houston Texans now belong to Nick Caserio

Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

It’s Nick Caserio’s time to for the Houston Texans.

The Houston Texans became Nick Caserio’s team with the Deshaun Watson trade. Up to this point, Caserio has been working with moves made by the previous regime’s front office. The organization was in shambles then, and it’s not that much better now. Unfortunately, Caserio was handed very few tools to fix the issues; thus, he had a chance to start making repairs with the Watson trade.

Caserio inherited a team that not only did not have a first or second-round pick, but it also didn’t have its franchise quarterback. This is not a secret or a ground-shaking revelation, just a statement about the condition Houston was in last spring.

So Caserio, the new GM, didn’t have an opportunity to put his stamp on the team. However, with the recent trade of Watson bringing a truckload of extra picks, Caserio has a chance to finally make this team his own.

Building the Houston Texans back to what they once were starts with the draft

One of the lingering issues for the Texans has been the lack of a team identity. The Texans have never truly focused on being a certain type of team.

Even in their first-ever draft, there was no focus. Like so many drafts since 2002, the Texans’ drafts have been like shooting spit wads at the wall and hoping something would stick. Caserio has a chance over the next three years to give this team an identity.

There is little doubt that the fans don’t care what that identity is as long as it is evident that Caserio is building a quality team.

This is where the expectation of a pick prediction might go well. But no prediction will be given. We’ll leave that in your hands. It’s safe to say that Caserio has reached an ultimatum with where his team is selecting in the draft.

Does Caserio protect his quarterback, or does he defend against what the opposing team’s quarterback can do?

Does Caserio get that tackle or guard that can anchor the offensive line for years to come? Or does he opt for that game-wrecking defensive end (aka Kayvon Thibodeaux) to cause havoc in the opposition’s backfield?

There are so many questions to answer. But, regardless of the answer, this year, Caserio finally puts his stamp on the Houston Texans. Of course, every fan hopes that there are enough stamps to deliver a winner to a desperate fan base.

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