Houston Texans now have 11 picks for 2022 NFL Draft

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The 2022 NFL Draft will be very busy for the Houston Texans.

Last year the Houston Texans didn’t have a draft pick until the third round of the NFL Draft, but that isn’t the case for the franchise this year as they are currently scheduled to have 11 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft.

After the trade with the Cleveland Browns that sent Deshaun Watson to that franchise to be their quarterback, the Texans in return received six picks from Cleveland, including two picks for this years draft.

Those picks from Cleveland were a first round pick (13th overall) and a fourth round selection (107th overall) taking the Texans to 11 picks to be made from April 28-30.

The following are the picks the Houston Texans currently have on their draft board as general manager Nick Caserio and others have a lot of work ahead of them:

• No. 3 (Round 1)

• No. 13 (Round 1 from Browns)

• No. 37 (Round 2)

• No. 68 (Round 3)

• No. 80 (Round 3 from Saints)

• No. 107 (Round 4 from Browns, Lions)

• No. 108 (Round 4)

• No. 183 (Round 6)

• No. 205 (Round 6 from Packers)

• No. 207 (Round 6 from 49ers, Jets)

• No. 245 (Round 7 from Cowboys)

Houston Texans Draft: A lot of work ahead for the front office

Within those 11 picks draft picks the Houston Texans have two first round choices, two third round picks, two picks in the fourth round and three picks in the sixth round. Those type of numbers to draft from is how a roster is built for the long haul, and into a contender.

Houston is in a perfect situation for their ongoing roster rebuild.

This draft also has the Texans taking five picks within the first 80 selections and seven picks out of the first 108 choices. Caserio, head coach Lovie Smith and others who help make decisions on which players are selected have a great problem on their hands as they will be very busy from now until the draft is over in deciding on who to select.

Last year the Houston Texans had five picks in the draft, and that included players who will be an big part of the progression moving forward, including quarterback Davis Mills, a third round pick last year.

This is also only the beginning for the Houston Texans and potential draft success because they will have two first round picks in 2023 and two more first round picks in 2024 thanks to the Watson trade with the Browns.

Houston has a lot of needs with this draft as nearly position can either be improved upon or depth be added, and according to Caserio everything is basically on the table when deciding which player position to draft.

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The Texans have a lot of big decisions to make, and if they go by position need or best player available, for a team that has had consecutive four-win seasons, every decision is big when it comes to the 2022 NFL Draft.