Houston Texans: Nick Caserio says Davis Mills has ‘earned an opportunity’

Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans have a quarterback who has ‘earned an opportunity.’

Nick Caserio, the general manager of the Houston Texans held a press conference on Saturday, and he spoke about Texans quarterback Davis Mills and where he stands going into the 2022 season.

Caserio in the press conference gave his opinions and thoughts about the trade of former quarterback Deshaun Watson, and he also talked about the draft process of where he said they are “knee deep” in the process of preparing for the 2022 NFL Draft.

As for the quarterback position, Caserio didn’t rule out the Texans drafting or even being interested in another quarterback, but he did speak well of Mills and his performance last season, as the play of Mills improved at the end of the season, especially in the final five games.

In the press transcripts provided by HoustonTexans.com, Caserio said the following about Mills and where the now-second-year QB stands within the organization:

"“We’ll look at everything, we’re knee deep in that right now and we’ll have another five or six weeks left until we get to the draft to work through that process. But Davis has certainly earned an opportunity here, and that’s kind of the extent of what he’s earned. But I think he’s excited about the chances that he has in front of him, and we’ll see how it all unfolds.”"

The best part from the above comment from Caserio is he isn’t giving anything away about the draft process, and he’s going to make Davis Mills earn the starter’s role at quarterback in ’22.

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Houston Texans: Will Davis Mills be the starter in 2022?

As of right now, Mills is the favorite on the QB roster, but that’s not saying much as Tyrod Taylor is now with the New York Giants, and there is also Jeff Driskel on the depth chart too. Though it is all but obvious the Houston Texans will add more players at quarterback for the competition, the way Caserio is handling the business of the Texans is great to see.

The upcoming draft doesn’t need to be completely for “need,” as the Texans with their current roster need to draft the best player available in some spots in the draft and work from there.

Mills has the edge in taking advantage of the opportunity he’s earned with the Texans, but Caserio and the front office of the Texans will bring in competition, and what this team needs is more competition within the roster.

The positive is the feeling here is Mills can compete and win the starting position for the 2022 season, and if that is the case, that’s huge for the Houston Texans because from what Mills showcased last season in the final five games, he can make the adjustments and improvements to become a quarterback that can keep the opposing defensive coordinator awake the night before a game.

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Mills will do great things with his opportunity, and it is great to see that Caserio is giving the quarterback the chance to move his career forward with the Texans.