Houston Texans fans think Nick Caserio failed, here’s why that’s false

Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

Houston Texans fans cannot be mad about the Deshaun Watson trade.

Cal McNair brought in Nick Caserio to acquire talent and use his knowledge from his 20-year tenure in New England, where he won six Super Bowls. When Caserio finally was able to find a trade partner for Deshaun Watson, all hell broke loose on Twitter from Texans fans. A lot of Texans fans were disappointed with the compensation. Take a look below:


Nick Caserio did not fail the Houston Texans on the Deshaun Watson trade just because it’s just picks

All year, the one constant was that Caserio could not take anything less than three first-round picks. Cleveland didn’t give up any players in the trade, but does that really matter? This year, Houston’s cap space went up a decent amount due to the Watson trade. But there’s much to gain down the road as well.

Let’s not forget how rare it is to see three first-round draft picks be traded. There have been only two other times that has been done was an insane trade that involved Eric Dickerson, three teams, and ten total players. The other instance was in 2012 when Washington moved up to select Robert Griffin III. This is an incredible value for the Houston Texans to have.

Finally, Houston is in a rebuild. It’s going to be hard to attract players to a 4-13 team that was abysmal to watch last season. Not many players are going to have the urge to come here, likely refusing the trade. Teams can only trade picks three years in advance, so unless another team got in on trading for Brandin Cooks or someone, it wasn’t possible by NFL rules.

There’s also the fact that Houston dodged the monster contract Cleveland just gave Watson. Need I say more?

The goal was to get Watson out of town. Houston did just that. It’s time to enjoy the rebuild and a new era of Texans football.

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