4 Houston Texans players that need to be demoted immediately

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Houston Texans
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After their 11th loss of the season, these Houston Texans players need to be demoted immediately.

The NFL world knew that the Houston Texans would have a lousy season with everything that had happened to them. DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt left within the past two seasons to join the Arizona Cardinals, Deshaun Watson’s drama, and Jack Easterby all had shut the door on the Texans before the season started.

The players on this list have worn out their welcome and are not a good fit on the team anymore, hence why these four need to be demoted. This is a players-only list: so if you were hoping to see the obvious Nick Caserio/ David Culley/Easterby make it, then you’ll be looking for another list.

Without further hesitation, let’s get right into it for our list.

QB Tyrod Taylor

Pick Analysis. 2-4 record as the starter. 5. Stats. QB. TyrodTaylor. player. 10

The Houston Texans may have messed this up from the start by inking Tyrod Taylor in relief of the allegations that came out against Watson earlier this year. Taylor had been replaced by two rookie quarterbacks the past two seasons and is infamously known for losing his starting job with the Chargers due to a punctured lung given to him accidentally by the Chargers’ team doctor.

Taylor, to his credit, has been the only quarterback to win a game for the team, something that Davis Mills hasn’t achieved yet. Yes, the offensive line is as putrid as someone actually using the altitude sickness bag next to you on a flight, but that doesn’t excuse the way he’s played.

The road game against Miami Dolphins saw some of the most mind-numbing plays ever made by a starting quarterback. The stats and play speak for themselves. Sorry Mr. Taylor, but it’s time to go.