Who Are the Top 10 Houston Texans of the Decade?

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Who are the “Best of the Best” for the Houston Texans from 2010-19 as the decade nears a close?

Just before the end of an incredibly memorable, eventful and roller coaster decade that was the 2010s, I wanted to look back and see who made the biggest impact on the Houston Texans.

While it was only the second decade of existence for the Texans, the franchise experienced significantly more winning seasons than in years past, and had much more star power. Not including upcoming games this season, the team finished above .500 at a record of 82-77 and 3-5 in the playoffs.

The Texans have never advanced past the Divisional Round of the AFC Playoffs, but the team is currently positioned as the No. 4 seed this year and is ready to make a run. With that being said, who were the 10 most important Texans since 2010?

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First, you have to consider that over the course of 10 years there have been so many talented players that don’t fit into the Top 10.

The criteria for making this list are based on years with the team, elite level of play when on the field, and impact on the overall success of the team. Someone who has played only a few seasons or had numerous injury-shortened years would have to play lights out to have more of an impact than someone who had been a mainstay on the roster for years.

That being said, there are some entrants with only a couple years of experience because of their stellar play, and there are some legendary Texans who did not make the cut because their prime was seen before the start of the 2010 seasons.

Let’s kick off the list by seeing who were the Top 5 Texans to not make the list, then jump into the Top 10.