Houston Texans may finally be free from the ‘Tony Boselli curse’

Mandatory Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Mandatory Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images /

It turns out that the Houston Texans got a player into the Hall of Fame this weekend.

It sadly wasn’t Andre Johnson, who is arguably the one player most think of when they see the Houston Texans logo pop up. It turns out that the one Texans player who got into the hall was none other than the divisional rival Jacksonville Jaguars’ Tony Boselli.

We have to go way back to 2002 when the Texans held their expansion draft. That’s when Houston snagged Jacksonville’s premier left tackle in hopes that he would perform at a high level in Houston.

Sadly, Houston whiffed badly on the Boselli pick as his injuries prevented Boselli from ever playing a single down for the Texans. As a result, he doesn’t even show up on the Texans’ all-time roster on Pro Football Reference. Their second pick in that expansion draft didn’t work out too well either (Ryan Young, a right tackle from the New York Jets).

Houston Texans may be free from this unintentional curse

For those that are even somewhat superstitious, a curse is the worst thing that can happen to an NFL team (just ask the Detroit Lions and how long the Bobby Layne curse has lasted). There’s a high chance that Johnson will get into the hall next year. The Texans also have a real opportunity to improve this season and start fixing everything.

Of course, that is a big “if,” and it’s not guaranteed at all. However, finding a way to move on from the Deshaun Watson situation in any way possible will also go a long way in fixing the bad vibes that cloud around NRG Parkway in Houston.

Congratulations to Boselli for making it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and here’s to Johnson being the first, true-drafted Texans player to join you next year.

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