2017 NFL Draft: Breaking down Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey

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USC Tape:

In this game, Christian McCaffrey’s straight-line speed worked against USC, as he consistently beat defenders to the edge.

McCaffrey held the ball high and tight a lot. He’s very fun to watch. He shimmied through blockers at times to gain extra yardage.

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Christian McCaffrey's success is bittersweet for the Carolina Panthers
Christian McCaffrey's success is bittersweet for the Carolina Panthers /

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  • McCaffrey did a nice job of running out of the shotgun, but also ran a lot from pro-sets. His ability to stop and go excels in both systems easily. He also has great anticipation throughout the game, setting defenders up nicely.

    Not something you look for, but McCaffrey has experience as a wildcat quarterback, for what its worth.

    Again, I really enjoy the fact that he does not dance behind the line–McCaffrey is always moving forward. I only saw him go backwards a few times in all the tape on him.

    Another testament to his route-running ability; McCaffrey broke the ankles of opposing defenders on a quick slant that went for 50 yards.

    McCaffrey does not get pushed back despite his size. He also runs really well in traffic.

    Some guys are speedsters, or very agile. McCaffrey is both plus he has a fourth gear that most do not posses. He can switch between the gears like a Ferrari. This gear shifting as well as his speed and agility helped him destroy the Trojan defense.

    At the 1:40 in the fourth quarter, McCaffrey had his best run of game. He read the offensive line, set up the linebacker, exploded through hole, and ran through two tackles and threw out a stiff-arm on his way to the end zone.