Mike Freeman: There’s a 60-70 percent chance Tony Romo plays for Texans

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Do the Houston Texans really still have a chance at signing Tony Romo?

Despite the fact that Tony Romo has retired from football and has been hired by CBS to team up with Jim Nance to do NFL games next season, some people don’t believe he’s done.

We mentioned recently that a lot of people expect Romo to make a return to the NFL.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report wrote on Wednesday that there’s a really good chance Romo will end up with the Texans.

"They need a quarterback. Watch for Tony Romo here, too. There’s better than a 60 or 70 percent chance Romo ends up playing for them at some point this coming season. That story is far from dead."

The good news for the Texans is that they can freely sign Romo at any time since the Dallas Cowboys released him after it was announced that he’s heading to CBS.

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So Romo is now technically a free agent.

All the Texans need to do is hope that Romo gets the itch to play again as we get closer to training camp and that he’s unable to ignore his desire to play.

The good news is that Romo even admitted that the Texans were his top choice prior to deciding to end his NFL career to pursue a new career in broadcasting.

While Romo has decided to go with CBS over signing with the Texans, it’s not too late for him to change his mind right now.

You can’t tell me that if Romo decides to play for the Texans, CBS won’t hire him again next year if he retires again.