Tony Romo admits he chose CBS over Texans

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Tony Romo is doing the right thing by retiring from the NFL.

Tony Romo watch has finally ended we found out some interesting things.

There were reports this offseason that the Houston Texans were at the top of Romo’s wishlist.

While talking to the media on Tuesday, Romo admitted that the Texans were at the top of his list of teams to play for, but he chose working for CBS as a broadcaster over playing for Houston.

Romo didn’t have an answer when asked what the Texans should do as they search for a quarterback.

Of course Romo had the right to make this decision, but you can’t tell me this broadcasting opportunity wouldn’t have been available next year.

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I just wonder how much influence Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had on Romo.

Romo did say that he did have some disagreements with Jones and the Cowboys.

if Romo had decided to play for the Texans in 2017, it would have been the most talented roster he’s ever been a part of in his entire NFL career.

But when it comes to what’s best for Romo’s health, retiring was probably the right decision for him.