People around the NFL don’t believe Tony Romo is done playing football

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Will Tony Romo still make a comeback?

Even though former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo announced on Tuesday that he’s retiring to pursue a career in broadcasting with CBS, many people around the NFL don’t believe he’s done just yet with playing the game of football.

There is always a chance that Romo could pull a Brett Favre and decide to come back during training camp.

The following is from the New York Post:

"“I’d say there’s a 100 percent chance he makes a return somewhere in the NFL next season,” one AFC general manager told Bleacher Report, which noted several front-office types literally laughed at the notion that Romo is retired for good.“Romo is now every teams emergency backup qb in case your starter gets hurt, pay him to come out of “retirement,’ ” an NFL executive told ESPN via text message.“Tony Romo is ‘retiring’ from football to pursue broadcasting, BUT if Cowboys ever REALLY needed him, he’d consider coming back,’” a source told NFL Network."

The Cowboys did release Romo so technically he can sign with any team he wants.

The question is, would the Houston Texans want to sign Romo if he were to announce in July or August that he has changed his mind and wants to play this season?

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I think the Texans would jump at the chance to sign Romo if this did happen.

One problem is that we don’t know what Romo’s contract with CBS says.

I can’t imagine that CBS doesn’t have language in his contract that states he can’t leave them hanging now that he’s locked in as Phil Simms’ replacement alongside Jim Nantz.

All we can do is wait and see what happens.  But I wouldn’t get my hopes up.