Examining whether the Texans should trade up for a quarterback

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Should the Houston Texans trade up for a quarterback this year?

Heading into the next month’s NFL draft, the Houston Texans are expected to use the 25th overall pick on a quarterback.

Which quarterback will the Texans be selecting?  We have no idea.

But I wonder if trading up for someone like Clemson’s DeShaun Watson would make sense for the Texans.

As of right now Houston doesn’t know who will be available when they’re on the clock. Many people believe they will end up with Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes. While he has a great arm, he’s a project player and may not be ready to start for a few years.

Taking someone like Watson would give the Texans a better chance of landing a franchise quarterback.

The problem is Watson will almost certainly go in the top 10.

If you’re wondering what it would take for the Texans to trade up into the top 10. I can break it down for you.

Let’s just say Houston wants the number six overall pick, since the New York Jets currently have that pick and could take a quarterback.  The Texans would have to give the Jets their first round pick as well as maybe a second round pick this year and possibly a first rounder next season. Maybe even more.

Is it worth it? No.

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Let’s look at another option for the Texans.

Now let’s say Watson or another quarterback the Texans love slips out of the top-ten and they’re not sure he’ll still be around when they’re on the clock. They would likely have to move up to 11 to jump the Cleveland Browns, who could certainly take a quarterback with the 12th overall pick.

In order to do this, the Texans would likely have to swap first round picks with the New Orleans Saints who currently sit at 11 and swap first round picks and give them their second round pick this year or next year and a third round pick this year.

While draft day trades are always exciting and as much as I like Deshaun Watson, I’m not sure trading up for a quarterback makes sense at all this year.

If you want to look into what it would take for trade to happen on draft day, check out this NFL draft value chart from Ourlads.

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts on whether the Texans should trade up in the first round.