John McClain: Texans will draft a quarterback even if they sign Tony Romo

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Sounds like the Houston Texans will take a quarterback high in this year’s draft whether they sign Tony Romo or not.

Many people are wondering if the Texans will select a quarterback in this year’s NFL draft if they end up signing Tony Romo this offseason.

It certainly sounds like Houston is all in on finding their next franchise quarterback this year rather than waiting until 2018.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle stated this past week that he believes the Texans will draft a quarterback next month even if they’re able to acquire Tony Romo.

"“The reason I say they’re going to draft a quarterback even if they sign Romo is because of this. Savage and Weeden are in the last year of their contracts. So in 2018, even if you’ve got Romo on the roster turning 38, you better have a guy that’s a veteran from the year before. Meaning a number one pick going into his second year. So he would be a second year vet, he would be the back up while Savage is gone. And truthfully if they have Romo, a number one pick and Tom Savage, Brandon Weeden is gone. So they’ve got to add two quarterbacks and if they don’t the number one pick becomes even more important.”"

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While this year’s crop of quarterback prospects are pretty weak, the Texans don’t have a choice but to draft one within the first two rounds.

It’s apparent that while Tom Savage is a solid player, he’s probably not the long-term solution for the Texans.

In a perfect world, the Houston can draft a quarterback and have him sit and learn behind Romo for at least a year.