DeAndre Hopkins breaks DeAngelo Hall’s ankles (video)


In joint practices between the Houston Texans and the Washington Redskins, tempers flared up. Trash talking and competition led to multiple brawls between the teams and led to the teams needing to be separated. Videos of the teams’ scuffle made national attention, but the feud between DeAndre Hopkins and DeAngelo Hall has blown up twitter.

The veteran corner has had trouble covering emerging superstar all practice long. As the video below shows, the two had been trash talking but DeAndre Hopkins didn’t have to say much to win the argument.

On a 10 yard hitch, DeAngelo Hall did his version of the Stankey Leg, the Bernie, and the Shmurda dance. He looked like he was playing twister all by himself. DeAndre Hopkins chopped him up and put Hall on a plate for the internet to eat. It got bad quickly for DeAngelo Hall because memes and remixes to the video were floating around twitter all day.

The feud continued to twitter where DeAngelo Hall posted this:

DeAndre’s response:

Here is the video of the feud and the background of the play that appeared on Hard Knocks:

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