Ray Rice: Hard Knocks gold, but Texans should pass


In the wake of the news that the Houston Texans may need a running back for several games this year, there were several names thrown out as possible free agent targets. The most recognizable name being former Raven running back Ray Rice.

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The first thought on Rice is he would be too much of a distraction to the young team. After missing all of 2014 following a release of a video where he hit his fiancé on an elevator, Rice has received no sniffs at all by NFL teams.

Still America loves redemtion stories and Rice coming to Houston to save the team in the wake of Arian Foster being injured could aid in telling such a story.

The Texans being featured on Hard Knocks would only help such a story be told. Rice could show he has changed, HBO could focus on his relationship with his wife and how strong they are now after such a horrid incident.

For the show, it would be ratings gold. For the Houston Texans? Not so much.

See the real issue to why Rice remains untouched has as much to do with skill as it does off field. We all know if you can play, the league will find a spot for you regardless the bad press.

For Ray Rice, his best days are behind him, which makes his potential contribution not worth the sure firestorm of bringing in the 28-year-old running back.

In 2013 Rice had a huge drop in production. He ran 214 times for 660 yards and four touchdowns, far off his former pro bowl pace. He averaged a mere 3.1 yards per attempt, which is the same Houston got from Alfred Blue, who offers no backlash.

In the end Houston will most likely not even entertain the idea, and while the producers of Hard Knocks may not aprove, this is the absolute right move for the team.

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