Texans Morning Huddle – Foster Buys Students’ Books


Happy Saturday, Texans fans! Enjoy the weekend by reading up on some good deeds by your fellow football fanatics! Foster buys a student his textbooks, our boy, J.J. helps a pregnant woman deliver the news to her husband and unfortunately, USA Today Sports is not being kind to Brian Hoyer lately.

Just bare with us! August is almost here, until then, we’ll keep you posted on the day to day, important events that take place around the franchise.


Arian Foster buys textbooks for Texas student – by Deepi Sidhu

"When Ernesto Guerrero posted a question to Arian Fosteron Twitter, he didn’t expect it to be even seen among the starting running back’s 506,000 followers.Guerrero, a resident of Crystal City, Texas, needed money for college textbooks. He asked Foster if he would buy his books for the semester.The four-time Pro Bowl running back obliged."

J.J. Watt: Houston Texans DE helps woman’s pregnancy announcement – by Extra Mustard

"J.J. Watt never hesitates to help out a fan.Back in April, he wrote a hand-written note to a young woman who needed time off from work to attend his charity softball game. In January, he sent a pair of game-used cleats to a kid who gave Watt his youth football jersey. Now Watt is helping another fan-in-need deliver some very happy news.A clerk who works for Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett is expecting a child, so she got Watt to break the news to the father-to-be."

Ouch! USA Today Sports ranks Texans QB Hoyer last among projected starters – by Jaime E. Galvan

"New Houston Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer has not been named the starter yet, but he is already ranked last among projected starters heading into training camp, according to a new set of rankings released by USA Today Sports.Hoyer will battle returning quarterback Ryan Mallett, who also signed a new contract in the offseason, to see who will be the top signal-caller for the Texans."

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