Texans 2013 problems, explained through the miracle of Tinfoil

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The curse of the Astrodome, doomed now for the ash heap of history reached out from it’s grave to lay a fatal blow on the Texans.

THIS one I tend to hold some credence too. They built it over an Indian burial ground or something, and no team managed to get anywhere.

Heck the ‘Stros had to get out of there just to make it to the playoffs! Of course, they got swept 0-4, but at least they made it. I loved the Dome, but there was something not right about the teams that played there. Yes, I know the Texans never did, but curses like to reach out and get that last zinger in.

And that concludes the tinfoil hattery, however if you have your own ideas, feel free to share them! Just remember, you can’t post unless your hat, is firmly on your head. That would be cheating.

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