Peyton Manning Expresses Interest in Joining the Houston Texans


According to Houston news station KTRK (Channel 13) Peyton Manning has expressed interest in joining the Houston Texans.

A source, who is close friends with the Manning family, said that Peyton is definitely interested in possibly coming to the Texans. As of next month he will be a free agent as the Indianapolis Colts plan to release him. Peyton wants to play on a team that has a chance to help him earn another Super Bowl ring and he feels as if the Texans fit that bill.

One major advantage for the Texans would be that Manning already knows the AFC. He not only knows the division but also knows how to dismantle opposing defenses.

Peyton missed all of the 2011-12 season because of a major surgery and his ability to play at the same level is still questionable. Either way neither the Manning family nor the Texans organization will speak of this until something actually happens.

Either way this speaks volumes of the Texans organization and could prove to be an opportunity to good too resist!