What’s Next For Houston?


After a more than successful campaign for the Houston Texans, the question now, is the same question we always ask, what do we do now to improve? No matter how successful a team is, there is always, always, always room to improve, a wise man once said “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”  and the Texans certainly want to improve as the other teams in the league certainly will. The task presented to the Texans coaching staff and front office is: What can the Texans do to improve? What aspect of the game needs tweaking?

At this point, it isn’t completely clear on what to do, for instance what is going to happen with Matt Leinart, third string possibly? Should they even keep Leinart? He is signed through next year, and maybe he should be released to clear up cap space to sign other players whose contracts have just expired.

Players whose contracts expire after the Super Bowl are: Mario Williams, Pro-Bowler Jason Allen, Center Chris Meyers, Kicker Neil Rackers, beloved running back Arian Foster, Derrick Ward, Dominique Barber, and tight end Joel Dreessen.

Many key players on this years squad who have all contributed to this team’s success in one way or another and it is up to the front office and the coaches whether to resign them or allow them to go into free agency. All of these players will be analyzed and be given their own article evaluated whether they should be resigned or not. Check back often and give us your input about each player! Only at ToroTimes.com!

– Richard Perez