Antonio Cromartie & Gerald Sensabaugh Linked to the Texans


Considering we here at Toro Times have been clamoring for the Houston Texans to pursue Antonio Cromartie instead of Nnamdi Asomugha in order to save seven to eight million dollars for other team needs. All the national talk had been focused so much on Nnamdi Asomugha and that was understandable but we wondered why isn’t Antonio Cromartie at least in the same conversation? It looks as if we finally got our wish. The Houston Texans will be more scheme diverse this year but will need the horses to execute that scheme and we consider Anotonio Cromartie one of those horses.   

Obviously Asomugha is consider the best conrnerback in the game and with good reason. But we here at the Times have went as far as to consider the Houston Texans as a possible landing spot for Cromartie.  

Welcomed is the news from a national stand point that Cromartie along with Gerald Sensabaugh are finally being linked to the Texans as an  option for the defensive backfield that was amongst the worst in the league last year.

Barry Warner and Rich Lord yesterday on CBS Houston SportsRadio 610 had guest NFL Network reporter Jason La Confora on the show talking several things including the recent progress made between the league and the NFLPA*.

Ominous spending, according to the NFL Network reporter, by another team that will be required to spend money with the salary cap rumored to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $120 M to $125 M could cause Houston to lose out on Nnamdi Asomugha.

Yesterday on the the show Jason La Confora talked with the guys from Sports Radio 610 about the Texans expected signing of a major free agent.  La Canfora, the reporter for the NFL Network, says he expects the Texans to sign Nnamdi Asomugha, Johnathan Joseph or Antonio Cromartie and explains why he expects Vonta Leach to re-sign in Houston.  

Systematically, “Gerald Sensabaugh makes a whole lot of sense at the safety position there (in Houston) and would be a natural fit.” Jason La Confora says, ” Asomugha, Jonathon Joseph or Antonio Cromartie, I figure they’ll land one of those three.” La Confora adds, “Cromartie’s size, Cromartie’s younger, and Cromartie isn’t afraid to play a physical style of football.”

According to Jason La Confora, signing Antonio Cromartie makes a tremendous amount of sense. Especially when you consider the need to make up for lost time in the classroom. La Confora is right when he says the Texans are going to need guys who are familiar with and who can help teach Wade Phillips’ sytem to the others. This could account for a shorter learning curve for the players who are unfamiliar with the system which consists of just about everyone on the team.

With an abbreviated offseason  a shorter learning curve seems to be exactly what would help the horses to hit the ground running.