The Houston Texans a Possible Landing Spot For Antonio Cromartie


In an article that we wrote a couple weeks ago we here at Toro Times discussed the Houston Texans Corner Back-Up Plan. In the write up New York jets free agent to be, Antonio Cromartie was at the top of the list.

Let’s face it people the odds of  Nnamdi Asomugha’s name keeps popping up. Its my belief for fans to think Asomugha and other top tier free agents, who are in their prime and at a point when they can still command top money, want to come to a team that has has never been to a playoff game let alone won a playoff game  is a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

The Houston Texans however are on the cusp of something big. Will it be this year? We hope so and the fanbase hope so as well. After years of playing second fiddle to the division rival colts and sometimes the Jacksonville Jaguars the Houston texans are tired of taking a back seat.

Wade Phillips was brought into improve a horrible defense from a year ago and fixing defenses is a Wade Phillips’ speciality. In this years NFL draft it was very apparent that everyone from the top down is all-in on the defense. Now the only question that remains is will they continue the trend once free agency opens up.

As mentioned above the top tier free agent name that fans should be getting ready to hear a lot of when connecting the dots in Houston is Anotnio Cromartie.

Antonio Cromartie will be allowed to walk by the New York Jets. The Jets know Cromartie will likely strike it rich after using New York as a stopping point, during the last year of his deal with the Chargers, in order to revive a career that had begin to head south in San Diego. QBs only completed 44% of the passes thrown Cromartie’s way last year. I don’t believe the Texans will miss on Nnamdi Asomugha because I don’t believe Houston will pursue Asmougha over Antonio Cromartie. They probably will put out some feelers for Asmougha because it would be idiocy not to but it likely just be to gauge the market.

Besides lets face it. Do fans want someone who doesn’t want to be here? I would like to think not. Now Antonio Cromarite on the other hand I believe would enjoy coming to Houston.

I don’t exactly have proof of this but on Monday some playful banter broke out on twitter between Chad OchoCinco, Andre Johnson and Anotnio Cromartie. The banter began as a playful challenge from Ochocinco to Johnson about getting into the boxing ring together. Johnson charged Ochocinco with eventually coming to Houston to play that way they could do it on a daily basis. Then in a response from Cromartie to both Johnson and Ochocinco about coming to Houston, Cromartie states that , “@ochocinco @johnson80 yeah I like it too. Then I can shutdown both of u guys in Practice lol…jus playing.”

Now this wouldn’t be that news worthy in my opnion if that based on the timeline it seems apparent that Cromartie had in fact witnessed Johnson’s invite for Ochocinco to come play with him in Houston and seems to like the idea of coming to play with one if not both of them in Houston sometime in the near future.

Cromartie goes on to tell Andre Johnson, ” @johnson80 I mean I already know Wades Defense“. Glover Quin even gets involved at one point telling both Ochocinco and Cromartie to come on down so they can bring a Super Bowl trophy to Houston. All this constantly being retweeted by Cromartie would lead one to believe he’s game.

Now it’s only a matter of time before the lockout gets lifted, free agency begins and The Houston Texans ask Antonio Cromartie to put “their” money where “his” mouth is!