Houston Texans Fans Ask Why Not Antonio Cromartie?


Here is Peter King of SI.com beliefs on the five reasons Bob McNair and the Houston Texans must go after Nnamdi Asomugha, and must go after him hard, whenever free agency opens.

Everyone seems so adamant about the Houston Texans vigorously pursuing Nmandi Asomugha once free agency begins but yet in the same breath and in the same circles the word is that the Texans don’t stand a chance of landing one of the top free agent defensive backs on the market and we can’t agree more.

Asomugha is going to be thirty years old and this could very well be his last long term deal. Odds are that Asomugha will want to sign a deal with a team that is able to compete immediately for a Super Bowl and not merely a first playoff birth in franchise history. That’s all based on the assumption that Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis doesn’t have a change of heart and pays the man.

Our thinking is that regardless of how hard the Texans try to go after Asomugha, Nmandi won’t end up in a Texans uniform. Now this leads into our next point.

Why is Anotonio Cromartie’s name not entering into the talk of cornerbacks who possibly could come to Houston. With Cromartie the Texans would be getting the 2nd best cornerback on the market in many peoples minds. QBs only completed 44% of the passes thrown Cromartie’s way last year. If the Texans miss on Asomugha as we expect they will then Antonio Cromartie is a viable option.

Rumblings out of Cincinnati is that the Texans could be pursuing Jonathon Joseph but yet once again we implore you. Why not Antonio Cromartie? Cromartie just turned 27 years old and would seem to have much more tread on the tires than Asomugha and that could lead him to be a reliable cornerback for another five to six years if the texans were to play their cards right.

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