Texans GM Rick Smith Fills in on SI’s Monday Morning Quarterback


Surprise, surprise! Look what Houston Texans fans we’re lucky enough to wake up to this fine Monday morning on Peter King’s weekly Monday Morning Quarterback Column.

Texans General Manager Rick Smith agreed to write today’s column while Peter King is on Summer Vaction and with a new ratification target date of July 21st being set forth by the powers that be, Rick Smith touches on all things that front offices across the league are struggling with in this most unusual of offseasons. Smith sheds some light on many things and then leaves us with the top ten things Smith thinks he knows.

1. I think we will play a full NFL season in 2011.

2. I think the Texans will make the playoffs this year.

3. I think the city of Houston gets a bad rap. It is a wonderful place to live. We have all the elements and diversity of a big city but you never meet a stranger.

4. I think the game of golf is like the game of life. It’s all about practice. Whether you are talking about meditation, yoga, a sport, public speaking or a musical performance, it is all about how consistent you are in your practice. Here’s hoping my game will improve after my kids have gone off to college and I have time to actually do that. It is pretty lousy now.

5. I think raising a family and being a father is the most important responsibility a man can take on.

6. I think Mike Florio has carved himself a nice little place of relevance in the NFL. I remember when it was almost taboo to admit to reading a “blog.” I would venture to guess that his site is one of the most commonly visited sites across the league. Good for him for seeing the future and capitalizing on his gifts and talents.

7. I think Michael Bernard Beckwith, the leader and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, Calif., is one of the most dynamic men walking the planet! I had a chance to visit with him and share a meal. Boy, I enjoyed the fellowship. His insights and revelations about himself and what life is all about are powerful.

8. I think the fact that Peter King sometimes sits on a train and knocks this column out in less than 24 hours is incredible, especially considering it took me three days.

9. I think Evan Koch is one of the most talented young PR guys in our business and I would like to thank him for helping me put this together so quickly.

10. I think I love my wife. No wait, that was a movie. And certainly not the kind of movie to send a shout out to her with (sorry, honey, I do love you).

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