Houston Texans Two-Step: Burress & Asomugha


One of two topics on the day concerning the Houston Texans can be in relation to newest blogger to Toro Times, Rick Brokaw and his post regarding  the Texans taking a risk on Plaxico Burress?

In an update to Rick Brokaw’s story, Plaxico was recently on the NFL Network talking up the Houston Texans and his inkling to play for a few teams.

As for the Texans, Burress said, “When you say Houston, all I can say is ‘Wow.’ That’s all I can say, because I give respect where respect is due. And I believe Andre Johnson is the best wide receiver in football. … The way he’s playing down in Houston, they’re getting everything going in the right direction.

Matt Schaub has really taken off as an elite quarterback. I think Arian Foster is one of the top-five running backs in this league. I think that team is bound for the playoffs this year and looking forward to great things.”

Then, during a call-in interview with Philadelphia radio station 97.5 The Fanatic, Burress gushed about the Eagles.

Either Burress needs some ham to go with his waffle or he is desperately trying to create and increase the market value for himself. I’m of the opinion that it matters to Burress what team he plays for rather than just being happy to get a shot to play again with any team that will take a shot on him….or maybe not, no, yes I’m sure of it but then again might not be quite sure what I think of it.

Oh well with the lack of NFL news it gives us here at the Times something else to waffle about as well.

Topic two and none to soon Matt Schaub has recently made headlines by issuing his own Nmandi Asomugha to Houston stamp of approval. Schaub recently commented on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he’d rather play with Asomugha than against him.

“I totally think it would be a great fit for him,” Schaub said. “A lot of us on the team know him fairly well. We played Oakland it seems like every year, at least since I’ve been in the organization for the last four years so we know him well. Him and Andre [Johnson] have a good relationship so I definitely see it as a great fit for him.”

While Schaub would love to have Asomugha in a Texans uniform he also realizes that there are many other teams that will be bidding on the cornerbacks possible $19 M services we believe that should take the Texans out of the market….at least we hope it does!