Should the Texans take a Risk with Plaxico Burress?


With the Texans needing a solid #2 wide receiver should they consider giving Plaxico Burress a chance at redemption in Houston? Looking at the recent history of Michael Vick, and his return to the Philadelphia Eagles, one might be convinced that signing Plaxico would be a good move for the Texans. However, I could not disagree more.

Sure, Plaxico is a solid wide receiver in terms of production. His “pre-incarceration” numbers were anything but shabby. His season and a half, before his “incident”, accounted for more than 100 receptions equaling 1,400 yards and 16 touchdowns. His aggressive attitude and athleticism made him an offensive weapon that was both feared and respected. Despite all of this, I still don’t believe that the Texans should pursue him during free agency (and no it’s not because of his incarceration either).

Simply put, the Texans have much bigger glaring needs that must be addressed before even considering the signing of another wide receiver. Rumor currently has it that the Texans will be aggressively pursuing CB Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency. If this signing were to happen the Texans’ salary cap would almost be at its max and pursuing a WR would be a mute point.

Likewise, if the Texans were to pursue a more affordable CB such as Johnathan Joseph or Richard Marshall then they could also pursue the CB/S Gerald Sensabaugh out of Dallas. This would give the Texans a solid CB and a complement to their new safety Glover Quin.

I know that Plaxico Burress is a tantalizing thought for the Texans’ fans. I suggest though that we give Jacoby Jones a new contract. His play at the end of last season was a sign of his football maturity finally coming to fruition. He had 150 yards against the Broncos and another 70 against the Jaguars. If he can continue this trend, and under the guidance of big brother Andre I believe he can, then the Houston Texans will be set.

For the last two seasons the Texans have been called the “up-and-coming” team of the NFL. Both seasons had commentators scratching their heads as the Texans floundered and faltered, inevitably missing the postseason.  However, offense was never the problem as the Texans finished #1 in passing offense in 2009 and #4 in 2010 (with an injured Andre Johnson). Additionally, the climb from #30 to #7 in the rushing stats proves that the Texans are a formidable offense in the NFL.

The Texans do not need a new wide receiver, they need to build and mature the ones that they have and they will continue to be an offensive leader for years to come, without Plaxico Burress or his guns.