Colvin Signed- Situational DE?


As most of us know, former Patriots’ OLB Rosevelt Colvin was recently signed by the Texans. Congats to the team as we pick up ANOTHER (Chaun Thompson) above par linebacker to add to what is easily a top 10 LB corps in the league. Colvin gives something to the Texans, though, that no other linebacker has to show for- his size. At 6’3″, 250 lbs, Colvin is now the biggest linebacker on the squad, more so, he possesses the veteran leadership and experience (10 yr. pro) that the youngest D in the league may need to move to the next level.

Numerous articles, interviews, and reports around this signing seem to all have one thing in common- they refer to Colvin as more of a “pass rusher” than a “linebacker”. Wow, thinking of that brings me back to the days when Antwan Peek would come off the outside and crush opposing quaterbacks, and it just may happen that Colvin is used in the same type of role. The situation which I believe will most likely occur is having Morlon Greenwood still man the weak side, DeMeco Ryans in the middle, and Zac Diles and Colvin rotating at the strong side LB slot depending on the situation of the down (passing=Diles, running=Colvin). Also, a scenario that I believe may also work on rushing downs, is having DE Anthony Weaver replaced by Colvin and DT Travis Johnson replaced by DT Frank Okam. This would create a huge frontline of Colvin, Amobi, Okam, and Mario. Then in this situation, you would have the second wave consist of your original starting linebackers (Diles, Ryans, Greenwood).

All in all, with the signing of Rosevelt Colvin, we can expect to see: 1) More defensive substitutions. 2) A much stronger run defense. And, 3) An even more dominant linebacking corps. Colvin may very well be the missing piece to the puzzle, and if so, look for the Texans defense to be playing a new type of ball in 2008.