Xavien Howard likes the Houston Texans, but do the Texans like him back?

The Houston Texans need help at cornerback and Xavien Howard is about to become available.

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins
Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins / Mark Brown/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins are reading to release four-time Pro Bowl cornerback, Xavien Howard, who was set to make over $15 million this season. Howard, who last made the Pro Bowl in 2022, was seen as one of the league's best corners not that long ago but two straight subpar seasons have many people wondering if his best days are behind him.

He's already 30, and corners don't age well in the NFL. The Texans, however, need help in their secondary. Howard could be that help. While he is 30 and will be 31 by the time next season is underway, the Texans may find that it wasn't age, but scheme, that caused him to fall off. After all, he didn't start struggling until Mike McDaniels took over. So maybe DeMeco Ryans can get more out of the veteran than others.

Maybe Howard is just washed, regardless, according to ESPN Houston reporter, DJ Bien-Aime, Howard has eyes on the Texans, but it's not clear if the Texans like Howard back. We'll know after Howard's agent slips the Texans a note that says "Do you want to sign Howard; circle yes for yes, or circle no for no".

Jokes aside, Howard may have potential for the Texans, depending on how much he's asking for and if he's willing to consider playing safety. He could come in, have a return to form like Joe Haden did with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Howard could become what the team needed.

Or we can see that the Dolphins are going to have to eat just shy of $25 million to get rid of Howard. They're not really saving that much money in releasing Howard, so they must think he's pretty much washed up. Or at the very least, no longer worth close to the contract he has. There are risks for signing Howard, but they may be worth taking if he can come close to his 2021 form.