Would J.J. Watt pull a Tom Brady and unretire to go on a Super Bowl run with Texans?

The question needs (NEEDS) to be asked.
Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It's a good time to be a Houston Texan.

They're coming off a 10-win, division-title winning season; they have last season's Offensive Rookie of the Year in QB CJ Stroud; and their head coach is one of the brightest young minds in football. The NFL is a funny thing, but it seems like the Texans are set up to be title contenders for the next half decade or longer.

The timing of it, admittedly, could be better. And I only really say that because of one single tweet that has to do with JJ Watt.

Frankly, we need it. Very few people in franchise history would be more deserving of a Super Bowl run in Houston than Watt. He was a staple of the team through a lot of rough years, and it sucks that the Texans happened to get good almost immediately after he retired. Even if it's just for like, 6 games of two-down cameos, we need Watt back in a Texans jersey during the playoffs.

If you look at the QTs on this, you'll notice that literally every single person on the internet agrees. And it's not like the Texans could even really need the edge rush help! With Will Anderson and Danielle Hunter on the line, Watt could pick his spots wisely and get more than a few one-on-ones. Maybe he enjoys his life as a broadcaster more (I bet he doesn't) so who knows if he'd be game, but the bat signal is officially out there. We'll see you in November, JJ.