Did You Know?: Texans GM Nick Caserio has a history of dealing with high-profile receivers who got traded

Nick Caserio has history with major receiver stars.
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Nick Caserio has been around the block. Before arriving in Houston in 2021 to take over the General Manager duties, he was a member of the New England Patriots for 20 years. He started off as a personal assistant, before moving up to offensive coaching assistant and eventually after a few more promotions, ending up as the wide receiver coach in 2007.

For Patriots fans, that date might be familiar, as it was the year Tom Brady finally got a star receiver to throw to, Randy Moss. Moss would work with Caserio for the season before he was once again promoted, this time to Director of Pro Personnel. Several years later and a few more promotions, Caserio ends up in Houston and trades for Stefon Diggs.

A wild trade few people thought would happen. Diggs' arrival has been relatively quiet. No major news stories have broken, just some people wondering if Diggs wanted to be in Houston, but largely, no drama. Apparently, however, that wasn't the case for Moss' arrival in New England.

According to Caserio, who was speaking to Seth Payne and Sean Pendergast of Houston's SortsRadio 610 (via Chron), Moss' arrival almost started off tragically with a car accident. As the story goes, Josh McDaniels borrowed Caserio's car to pick up Moss from the airport, only to nearly crash the car shortly after picking up Moss.

This follows an event where Bill Belichick, after trading for Moss, attempted to call the future Hall of Famer to welcome him from the team, only for Moss to think it was a prank and hung up on the legendary ball coach.

Or as Caserio put it;

""So here's Josh, with my car, with Moss who we just traded for, who hung up on a head coach multiple times, like almost get in a car accident.""

Clearly, the arrival of Diggs in Houston was far less eventful for Caserio. At least, we hope it was.