Who are the Top 5 Houston Texans heading into Week 11

Who are the top five rated Houston Texans players according to PFF?
Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals
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3. WR Nico Collins 84.4

Nico Collins has been everything that fans had hoped he'd be coming out of Michigan. The former-round pick has come into the 2023 season and has already set new career highs in yards, touchdowns, and first downs, while also setting himself up to surpass his former highs in targets and receptions during the game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Collins has struggled to stay consistent in the last few years, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. The two biggest reasons for that have been his staying healthy and the arrival of C.J. Stroud, who has helped reshape the offense just with his skills alone. Still, Stroud is only as good as the talent around him and guys like Collins have helped Stroud exceed expectations.

While Collins is having his best season to date, Collins has also shown to be a bit inconsistent week to week, with some weeks he's hitting PFF grades of 91.4 and 93.3 and other weeks he's in the 50s.

It's not a sign that Collins is a bad receiver by any means, but it's likely a sign that the Texans may still need to invest a first or second-round pick in a receiver this offseason, only to have a guy who can be a bit more consistent week in and week out.