Which of the Houston Texans free agents should the team bring back for 2024

We know what 11 players PFF believes are the "best", but we're going to give our picks for players the team should bring back.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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Should be brought back as a backup

We loved what Devin Singletary did for the Houston Texans in 2023, and had DeMeco Ryans been smarter about who to play, Singletary would've broken 1,000 yards behind a bad offensive line. Now listen, if Singletary wants to stay in Houston as a backup to, hopefully, Saquon Barkely, then great. Otherwise, he should only return if the team can't find a better option.

Another player we'd like back is defensive end Derek Barnett. He was very good for the Texans in 2023, and even though he'll never live up to his lofty expectations as a first-round pick, we still think he can add value to the team going forward.

Lastly is cornerback Tavierre Thomas. A lot of the corners are free agents this season and not all of them should come back. We liked Thomas and think he could be a good nickel-or-dime guy for the Texans in 2024.