Which of the Houston Texans free agents should the team bring back for 2024

We know what 11 players PFF believes are the "best", but we're going to give our picks for players the team should bring back.

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Only if no upgrades can be found

The Houston Texans need to just do a full clean sweep of the defensive tackles, offensive line and safety positions. If a guy is under contract or is Laremy Tunsil, you don't move on from them, obviously. You don't want to reduce how much money you have to spend by letting go of guys who have cap hits tied to their contracts.

That said, these three positions have been the most disappointing and need huge overhauls so the team can continue going forward. That said, we aren't against bringing back some guys as long they're on short deals, with very little guaranteed money to their names. Namely three offensive linemen.

Michael Deiter is not a great starter, barely average. That said, keeping a guy or two who knows your system isn't the worst idea imaginable. The team is going to have to keep someone just in case, why not Deiter? As long as he's pretty cheap.

The other two names we're not against returning are Dieter Eiselen and Charlie Heck. Eiselen showed a lot of value as an interior run-blocker, something the team needs for 2024. Heck isn't a great pass protector but for a backup, he's a solid run blocker. The team needs to improve the running game, so getting rid of two of your better run blockers doesn't make a ton of sense.

Punter Cameron Johnston is another guy who should only come back if the team can't find a better option.