What should the Texans do with Davis Mills?

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Cutting Mills

This scenario only makes sense if Davis Mills has no talent or is a non-scheme fit for Bobby Slowick's offense. The Texans cutting Davis Mills gets them back zero value. Teams typically cut players with value if they're making too much money against the cap, which is not the case for Mills.

Unless the Texans value another free-agent quarterback due to scheme fit, I don't know who else they would rather have as a third-stringer. I'm assuming they want to bring three quarterbacks into the season on their roster in advance of an injury.

I recently wrote an article claiming Davis Mills was one of the four roster cuts most likely to happen. While I made some solid points, I'd like to retract that statement formally. His position is most definitely less promised on the roster, he brings too much value at too good of a price to cut. Therefore, cutting Davis Mills makes no sense.