What is the national media saying about the Houston Texans receivers

Houston Texans
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The national media continues to be down on the Houston Texans wide receivers, with yet another analyst ranking the corps dead last among the 32 NFL teams. Do the Texans wideouts deserve all the shade being thrown their way this offseason?

We've talked about this quite a bit this offseason; however, there is a lot of hype surrounding Tank Dell and many in the fanbase believe that Nico Collins could become the Texans' number one receiver. While it's possible for Collins to become that guy, we will have to wait and see.

On top of that, the Houston Texans added four rookie receivers to the team with third-round pick Dell, sixth-rounder Xavier Hutchinson, and two undrafted receivers in Jared Wayne and Jesse Matthews. This group is talented but unproven and Matthews has a long road to haul to even make this team.

The Texans also added Robert Woods, who is a solid receiver but also has something to prove. He played well for the LA Rams; however, an ACL injury cut his season short in 2021, and later joined the Tennessee Titans. recording 53 receptions and 527 yards last season. The Titans released Woods in February.

Houston also signed former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Noah Brown; however, he's not a number one or even two but should provide solid depth and veteran leadership for the Texans.

Based on the makeup of this roster, I can understand why the national media is not high on this receiving corps. This group is very young and unproven or needs to prove they can be their former self, as is the case with Woods. Until this unit takes the field, they will continue to be doubted and perhaps they can use that to fuel their drive this season.

I think this unit is better than most believe, but it will be difficult to prove themselves as a unit for two reasons. One is the Texans' quarterback situation. Rookie quarterbacks rarely put on a show in their first year and mostly struggle. The second reason is the Texans running game. They will be a good rushing team and likely lean on that throughout the season, limiting the opportunities in the passing game.

Until the season begins in September, Texans fans will have to get used to the shade being thrown on the receiving corps and hope once they hit the field for real, they prove everyone wrong.

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