Warren Moon has an issue with the Houston Texans' new uniforms

Former Houston star Warren Moon doesn't like the fact the Houston Texans are reclaiming some of their cities' history.
SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVIII – Feb 7
SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVIII – Feb 7 / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

The history between the Houston Texans and the Tennesee Titans is a messy one. Most fans know this, but if you're new here, the Titans actually used to be in Houston. Nearly 30 years ago, the Titans were known as the Oilers and featured stars like Warren Moon, Eddie George, and Bruce Matthews, among others.

Yet, the city of Houston and the Oilers parted ways when attendance became an issue, and in doing so the team took the Oilers' legacy with them. A move that isn't very common these days. For instance, Cleveland kept their history when they lost their team to Baltimore, and the current Utah Hockey Club won't keep the Arizona Coyotes legacy either, as the team will technically remain in Arizona, Baltimore got an expansion team in the Ravens, made up of the Browns entire team, same with Utah with the Coyotes.

The Texans didn't keep the name for a variety of reasons. Would the city of Houston want the Oilers' legacy back? it sure stands to reason, which is part of the reason why the Texans unveiled new uniforms designed after their old team's jerseys.

Fans loved the unveiling, with a slight callback to the Oilers but with a darker blue that more embodies the Texans' current uniforms. It's a slight nod to the old uniforms, sure but it's far from a one-to-one recreation.

Don't tell that to former Oilers quarterback Warren Moon, however. Moon hates the new look Texans, speaking on the Up & Adams podcast and revealed he thinks the Texans are trying too hard to be the Titans' old self, the Oilers, saying;

"Why can't they stay with what they had? They had a really nice uniform the first time, why do they have to keep harping on that?... Have your own identity."

Moon does go on to say that it wouldn't be so much of a big deal if they weren't in the same division, which is fair, but he's still not a major fan.

The one thing that needs to be pointed out is that the question was originally prompted over how the Texans fanbase wanted the Oiler jerseys back after the Titans started wearing them again, which is where Moon said;

"“But now because the Houston Oilers uniforms became so popular coming up, they wanted it back. You can’t have it both ways.”"

That's the big quote making the rounds but it isn't accurate for how it's being used. It wasn't about the Texans' new uniforms, though Moon would make comments about those. No, it was about the Titans using the Oilers uniforms. So he's been a bit misrepresented on that point.