The top-4 quarterbacks in Houston Texans' history

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Top quarterbacks in Houston Texans history

The Houston Texans' history spans only 21 years. There aren't many quarterbacks available for a top-four all-time list, but I decided to tackle this endeavor anyways. I know I'm going to catch some heat for this one.

As fans read this article, they will have their opinions, whether or not they agree with me.  Some fans will laugh, question my football intelligence, and roast me for this list.  That said, wait till you get past number one.  I can already hear the fans laughing from Houston, Texas.  Just keep this mind I only have 21 years of history to work with. Also, it's not my fault I'm not the one that drafted or traded for these guys.

We all know the Texans' history began with the 2002 season, and only two quarterbacks started for the Texans in the first 12 seasons. Of course, there were a few spot starts from the backup quarterbacks during that time, but in the four years following those 12 years, the Texans would have 12 different quarterbacks start games.

Texans fans are hoping this new era of Texans football, under head coach DeMeco Ryans, will bring success to the franchise.  Maybe C.J. Stroud will take over at some point and become the next great Houston Texans quarterback.

Maybe Davis Mills surprises us all, wins the starting job, and never looks back.  Texans' history isn’t littered with great quarterback play, but I did the best I could to determine which four quarterbacks to put on this list. So, go easy on me.