Three Arizona Cardinals the Houston Texans have to game plan for

The Houston Texans have to worry about these three Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (1) is sacked by Houston Texans defensive end Jonathan
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (1) is sacked by Houston Texans defensive end Jonathan / Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY

The Houston Texans are hosting the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and many pundits worry that this could end up being a trap game. The Cardinals are not a good team by any means, but they are a competitive one. They've taken four decent teams to the brink and even knocked off the Dallas Cowboys.

They aren't capable of making the playoffs, let alone winning the Super Bowl with this roster as constructed, but they are good enough to be a pain in the butt for some teams. That's why the 5-4 Texans need to be wary about what the Cardinals can do to them on Sunday. While they may just be 2-8, they are a tough 2-8.

Tough like a two-dollar steak almost. So if the Texans are going to win, they have to key on these three players and keep them from making an impact on the game.

QB Kyler Murray

The maybe-franchise quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals is Kyler Murray, and he's just returned from a long rehab on a torn ACL. The dynamic star of the franchise is coming back and he's looking a bit rusty and a bit slow. Not at all unexpected after such an injury and a layoff. But while he may not look like the Murray of old, yet, he may be able to turn the clock back some against the Texans if they can't contain him. He's super athletic and that speed and quickness can get a lot of teams in trouble.

RB James Conner

If James Conner were on any other team, he would probably be talked about more. In six games he's rushed for 437 yards, two touchdowns, and has amassed over 5.0 yards per carry throughout the season. He's going to be someone the Texans' run defense has to account for. While the team's run defense has been good all year, this will certainly be a test.

LB Dennis Gardeck

While not an elite linebacker, Dennis Gardeck is currently leading the Arizona Cardinals in sacks, with five. If he can get free, he's going to be a problem for C.J. Stroud, so the Texans have to make sure to account for the pass-rushing specialist all game long.

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